Student-to-student: Finding tranquility in the midst of exam stress

December 13, 2017 By Sara Griswold

Final projects, papers and exams are here. You are likely debating with yourself how you are going to get all the work done and still pass your classes. You’ll be spending a lot of time studying and preparing for your finals, but don’t forget to leave time for yourself. Below are some places you can visit to get away from studying and out of the library.

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID)

Need a new place to study or to enjoy some nature? The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery is open for everyone to enjoy. Featuring water, plants and trees, this building truly brings the outdoors inside.


Dairy Cattle Center

The Dairy Cattle Center is located at 1815 Linden Drive and is home to dairy cows right here on campus. The Dairy Cattle Center is open daily from 4:30 to 5 p.m. for anyone to view a milking. You can also schedule a tour to learn more about the cows on campus.



D.C. Smith Greenhouse

If you enjoy the beauty of green plants, then winter in Wisconsin is likely very hard for you. Luckily for you, the UW–Madison campus has a greenhouse at 465 Babcock Drive open year round. The beauty of the outdoors is brought inside with trees and plants. Feel free to take a seat, breathe the fragrant air and take it all in.


State Street

What’s better than a walk down State Street to clear your mind of stress? Stop by a shop or try out a new restaurant. No matter how busy you may be feeling or how worried you are about passing your exam, there is sure to be something on State Street to clear your mind for an hour.




Chazen Museum of Art

Photo: Chazen Museum of Art

Have you always wanted to visit this museum? You have likely walked by it frequently on your way to class. Stop in for a visit to check out what it’s all about. It’s open every day except for Mondays and is free for anyone to visit.