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Employee responses to survey will inform spring COVID-19 testing program

November 17, 2020 By Marilyn Gardner

In order to further protect the campus community, UW–Madison will be ramping up its COVID-19 testing program in the spring semester. Campus initiatives to date have kept the university’s positivity rate below that of Dane County and the state over many weeks. The testing program for spring will ensure that students and employees who are on campus are tested regularly.

UW–Madison leadership is asking employees for information that will help shape the details of the spring 2021 testing program. On Monday, Nov. 16, many employees received an email link to a brief online survey. Responses to this survey will help UW–Madison’s public health team decide where to establish campus COVID-19 testing sites in the spring, as well as the days and hours of operation.

The survey asks whether, in the current fall semester, the employee has accessed any campus buildings on the UW–Madison campus at least once. For those who have, the survey asks a few more questions about how often they come to campus for work reasons, the days of the week, the approximate times of day, and the area of campus for their primary work location.

Employees who have not accessed any campus buildings at least once during the fall semester should still respond to the survey. These employees can simply answer “no” to the first question, and the survey response will be recorded. UW–Madison leadership wants to hear from every employee who receives the survey, including those who have not accessed any buildings on the UW–Madison campus at least once during the fall semester.

Most employees will be able to complete the survey in five minutes or less. Responses to the survey are confidential and will not be connected to individual names. Employees can complete the survey during their work time.

The survey is available at the following link: Employees are urged to respond as soon as possible, and no later than Monday, Nov. 23.

UW–Madison employees who have business addresses outside of Madison and student employees will not receive the survey. Student employees will be asked to observe the testing requirements and procedures of the campus COVID-19 testing plan for students.

Employees who have questions about the survey may contact their local human resources department or contact the Office of Human Resources at 265-2257 or Employees who need support or someone to talk to are encouraged to take advantage of the free, confidential services offered by the Employee Assistance Office, including 24/7 counseling services from LifeMatters.