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Computer Sciences Job Fair connects students with local tech scene

September 21, 2015

Photo: Students working at computers

Growth in the local information technology sector is good news for both UW–Madison students seeking jobs and companies aiming to hire skilled IT workers.

Photo: Department of Computer Sciences

Madison’s information technology sector is growing rapidly. Just last year, Forbes ranked the area fifth on its list of cities with the fastest-growing tech industries and called Madison one of the places “winning the battle for information jobs.”

That explosive growth is good news for both University of Wisconsin–Madison students seeking jobs and for companies aiming to hire skilled IT workers. As part of its goal to connect students and industry, UW–Madison’s Department of Computer Sciences will host its annual job fair on Thursday, Oct. 1. The event takes place from 1 to 4:30 p.m. in Union South, 1308 W. Dayton St.

Photo: Barton Miller

Barton Miller

The Madison Area Computer Sciences Job Fair reflects both the desirability of UW graduates for employers, and the burgeoning job market for local IT workers. This year’s event is the 10th of its kind.

“The reason this job fair was founded was to build on the incredible IT presence that’s been growing over the last decade in Madison and the surrounding area,” says computer sciences professor Barton Miller.

Nearly 40 companies will participate in this year’s event, ranging from local software giant Epic to California-headquartered Google, which opened a Madison office in 2008. “This will be the biggest fair so far, and there is an excitement and intensity of hiring this year. Companies signed up to participate earlier than ever before,” says Miller.

“There is an excitement and intensity of hiring this year. Companies signed up to participate earlier than ever before”

Barton Miller

Participating companies must have an IT presence in the Madison area or be members of the computer sciences department’s Industrial Affiliates Program, which promotes ties between the university and private industry.

In addition to UW–Madison students and alumni, students from Edgewood College and Beloit College are invited to attend.

The fair not only helps students launch their careers, but also helps companies with technical openings in the Madison area connect with each other. “Throughout the afternoon, it’s not just students talking to recruiters, but interviewers talking to interviewers from other companies. It builds a sense of community in the Madison-area IT world,” notes Miller.

Some participating companies, like Epic and EatStreet, have been founded or co-founded by alumni of the Department of Computer Sciences — two examples of the department’s impact on Madison’s economy.

More information at the job fair website or

—Jennifer Smith