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Community Chats showcases work of One City Schools founder Kaleem Caire

July 21, 2021 By Kristina LeVan

In the latest episode of Community Chats, University of Wisconsin–Madison Community Relations Director Brenda González talks with One City Schools founder and CEO Kaleem Caire about how he and his team are working to transform early childhood education in the United States, starting in Dane County.

Portrait of Kaleem Caire

Kaleem Caire

One City Schools provides affordable, accessible and high-quality preschool and community programs and tuition-free grade schools that prepare young children for school and life success. The schools use a unique, two-generation approach to empower students for success in school, life and health while also addressing the needs of their parents and community members.

In the episode, Caire discusses the success and growth of One City Schools, the legacy of LaMarr Billups, and how social and racial justice issues are being addressed in Madison.

“When you’re so used to living in a position where things are always a struggle, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees,” Caire notes in the Community Chats episode. “I don’t know any city in America that has this much headway in the last 10 years on racial equity than in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re nowhere near where we need to be yet, but we’re moving there.”

Community Chats is a monthly discussion series that explores the many ways members of the Madison community and UW–Madison are coming together to address pressing public issues.

Developed in the spirit of the LaMarr Billups Community–University Engagement Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to campus community partnerships, Community Chats features leaders at the forefront of social change. Each month, they will discuss how their work is directly connecting and uplifting people in Madison and the surrounding region.

Learn more about Community Chats and watch the full interview with Caire here.