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Classified staff will receive election ballots

April 30, 2015

Photo: Speaker addressing Classified Staff Congress

The Classified Staff Congress at a meeting in Bascom Hall.

In the second election ever for the Classified Staff Congress, the ballot has been finalized and permanent members of the classified staff will receive them at their home addresses next week. They will have until May 25 to get them postmarked and returned.

There are 104 candidates competing for 70 seats. Congressional districts are typically between 35 and 70 persons in size. The candidate who receives the greatest number of votes will serve as the elected Congressional Representative and the person who gets the second highest number of votes will serve as an alternate and is able to vote and speak at Congress meetings if the representative is absent.

Congressional Liaison Jake Rebholz hopes people take part in the election even if there is only one candidate running in their district.

“It is still important for members of the staff to cast their ballot in the case of an unopposed seat,” Rebholz says. “The administration takes note of the participation levels, and a strong voter turnout sends an unequivocal message that classified staff values a place at the table where the decisions get made.”   

Classified Staff Executive Committee (CSEC) Chair Russell Kutz is pleased by the strong and diverse field of candidates.

“Half of the incumbents decided to run for reelection,” Kutz says. “With the very heavy load they have been asked to carry in this very first term of the Congress, I think that is a very positive sign.”

CSEC Vice Chair Linda Meinholz agrees.

“I was particularly gratified that six seats that were vacant last year now have candidates,” Meinholz says. “That shows more people are becoming familiar with the shared governance process and are eager to take part.”

The Classified Staff Congress is the largest body of classified staff shared governance. The Congress typically meets on the third Monday of each month in Room 272 of Bascom Hall. Meetings are open to the public. Those who are elected in this round will have their first meeting on July 20.

—John Lease