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Chancellor’s statement on 2005-07 capital budget

March 18, 2005

Following the state Building Commission’s adoption of the 2005- ’07 capital budget Friday, Chancellor John D. Wiley issued the following statement:

“We are grateful for the significant investment that the state Building Commission has agreed to make in the University of Wisconsin–Madison during the coming two years.

“The commission’s foresight, and that of the governor and key lawmakers, will keep the university in the vanguard of science, serve important student health care and housing needs, and benefit Wisconsin’s economy.

“Approval of funding for the first phase of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery will help keep Wisconsin a pioneer in biomedical research and further the sciences of information technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology. It will bring scientists from varying fields together to develop treatments for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease – and hopefully find ways of preventing these illnesses.

“The University Square project enables us to be part of a private-public partnership that will bring all student health care and financial services together in a convenient site under one roof, while providing much-needed space for student groups. And the Sterling Hall renovation will provide updated space for our astronomy and psychology departments.

“The commission’s action also allows us to take advantage of the generosity of major donors, such as John and Tashia Morgridge, who have given $31 million for the renovation of the Education Building.

“Thanks are due to many individuals for their support of these and other projects that are so important to our campus community and to the people of the state of Wisconsin. Gov. Jim Doyle, Assembly Speaker John Gard, Senate Majority Leader Dale Schultz, Sen. Fred Risser, and Reps. Jeff Fitzgerald and Daniel Vrakas all provided key backing and the vision to advance these projects, and we are thankful for their help.”