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Chancellor Martin joins effort to encourage federal research investment

January 22, 2009

Chancellor Carolyn “Biddy” Martin and nearly 50 other higher education leaders and Nobel laureates offered their support earlier this month to a letter to President-elect Barack Obama, arguing that scientific research should be an investment priority in the debate over an economic stimulus package.

The leaders outlined how a major research investment can lead directly to the creation of new jobs and help America solve critical issues facing its future. Read the full letter (PDF).

University presidents who have joined in endorsing the letter include:

Ruth Simmons, Brown University; Jean-Lou A. Chameau, California 
Institute of Technology; W. Taylor Reveley III, College of William and 
Mary; David Skorton, Cornell University; James Wright, Dartmouth 
College; Gary B. Schuster, Georgia Institute of Technology; Graham B. 
Spanier, Pennsylvania State University; Shirley Tilghman, Princeton 
University; Gene Block, University of California Los Angeles; Larry 
Vanderhoef, University of California-Davis; Robert J. Birgeneau, 
University of California-Berkeley; Marye Anne Fox, University of 
California-San Diego; Mark G. Yudof, University of California; Robert 
Zimmer, University of Chicago; Richard Herman, University of Illinois-
Urbana-Champaign; Mary Sue Coleman, University of Michiga-Ann Arbor; 
John T. Casteen, University of Virginia; Mark A. Emmert, University of 
Washington: Carolyn “Biddy” Martin, University of Wisconsin–Madison.