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Campuswide fire drills scheduled this week

September 16, 2013

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to listen for and participate in campus building fire/evacuation drills taking place today through Thursday across campus.

Once the fire alarm is sounded, all building inhabitants are asked to evacuate and assemble in a spot listed near each building exit and elevator. Environmental Health & Safety, UW Police and the Madison Fire Department (MFD) personnel will act as monitors on each floor of a building, and it will be necessary to run evacuation drills throughout class periods.

Drills will last as long as it takes for a complete building evacuation by building occupants and for EH&S, campus police and fire personnel to make their way throughout each floor of a building. After an all-clear is given and the fire system is reset, everyone may return inside.

Drills are conducted annually in all UW–Madison buildings and are a part of the university’s emergency preparedness plans. For more information, call Environmental Health & Safety at (608) 265-9080.