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Campus reminded of guidelines for political activity

September 23, 2014 By Greg Bump

As political activity intensifies in the weeks before the fall election, members of the UW–Madison campus community are encouraged to participate in the political process by voicing their opinions on state and national issues.

Students, staff and faculty are reminded, however, of campus and UW System policies regarding what constitutes an appropriate space for political activity.

The following information provides guidance from UW–Madison on where political activity, including the circulation of petitions, is permissible on campus grounds.

General policies for UW employees: Per system policy, political campaign activities are restricted by Board of Regents policy and state law in three ways: 1) Employees may not engage in political campaign activities, including solicitation of signatures for petitions, during work time or in their work unit; 2) they may not use state resources to engage in political campaign activities at any time; and 3) they may not solicit contributions or services for a political purpose from other university employees while they are engaged in their official duties.

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Campus buildings: With the exception of the Wisconsin Unions and Student Activity Center, political activities are generally not allowed inside campus buildings or spaces, recreational sports facilities, athletics facilities and campus libraries. Registered student organizations may invite candidates to appear and speak in university facilities, but any publicity for such events must indicate that attendance is limited to students, faculty and staff, and not open to the public.

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University Housing: Only university agencies, residence hall student organizations/interest groups/committees, and registered student organizations are permitted to engage in political campaigning with limitations in the residence halls. The details of this policy are available in the Residence Life office in each hall. Door-to-door campaigning and petitioning are prohibited.

Unions: At both Union South and Memorial Union, petitioners can be stationed just inside main entrances. Only registered student organizations can reserve literature table space in either building. Anyone can petition outside the buildings with the exception of the Memorial Union Terrace. However, petitioning inside buildings, table to table, is not allowed.

Additional rules to assist the planning of candidate or surrogate appearances can be directed to the Campus Event Services office.