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Campus expected to be open Monday

February 17, 2008

As of 8 p.m. Sunday, UW–Madison is expected to be open for regular business and classes on Monday, Feb. 18.

However, university officials continue to monitor icing, road conditions and the status of Madison Metro bus service for Monday morning’s commute. Any changes in campus operations for Monday will be posted on the university homepage before 6:30 a.m. and distributed to local television and radio outlets.

Physical Plant staff members spent Sunday clearing roads and walkways and opening storm drains. Crews will return to campus after midnight to clear parking lots and work on additional snow and ice clean up.

Safety should be an important consideration in deciding to come to campus.

Students who feel it is unsafe to travel should contact their professors, instructors or teaching assistants about making up missed class time. Professors, instructors and teaching assistants are asked to be flexible in dealing with student requests.

Employees are advised to use their own discretion regarding their health and safety and not travel on unsafe roads. However, as an arm of state government, employees are required to use accrued holiday, vacation or compensation time to cover any absences. If you have a question, call your supervisor. Supervisors are advised to be flexible in their approval of employee-requested leave, or late arrival, as a result of inclement weather conditions.

Should faculty or instructional staff make individual decisions to cancel class meetings, every effort should be made to notify students and department offices of these changes.

More information on Monday’s Madison Metro service and delays will be available the Madison Metro Web site.

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