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Campus COVID-19 vaccination update

April 14, 2021

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This message covers

  • How to let UHS know you’re vaccinated
  • Update on Johnson & Johnson vaccine
  • How to find a vaccination appointment

Campus and the broader community continue make great progress on vaccination to protect against COVID-19 – now more than 19,000 employees and students have had at least one dose of vaccine. The faster we’re able to get shots in arms, the better we’ll be protected against the highly contagious variants of COVID-19 that are now spreading widely within our community and around the country and world.

Knowing what percentage of our community is vaccinated helps university leaders plan and make decisions about campus operations and health and safety policies. Many employees and students are being vaccinated off campus – if you’re one of them, be sure to let UHS know you’ve been vaccinated! This also ensures you can be excused from regular campus testing.

How to let UHS know you’re vaccinated

If you are vaccinated on campus, your record will already be in MyUHS – you don’t need to do anything further.

If you are being vaccinated off campus, wait until you have received either the single dose of a one-dose vaccine or both shots of a two-dose vaccine. Then take these steps to upload your records:

Log into MyUHS using your NetID and password.

Underneath the title “Welcome to UW–Madison University Health Services” you will see the following: “Submit outside records of COVID-19 Vaccination HERE.” Click or tap on the word “HERE.”

You will then be on the “Medical Clearances” page. Look for “COVID vaccine” under the heading “Items required for clearance.” Click or tap the green button that says “Update.”

Under “COVID-19 Immunization Record Upload” you will be prompted to upload a copy of your immunization record. This can be an image file (PNG, JPG, JPEG) or a PDF. Attempting to upload other kinds of files will result in an error message.

Accepted records include:

  • The official Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination card you receive at your vaccine site. It must contain two patient identifiers, such as name and date of birth; vaccine lot number; vaccine name (for example, Moderna, Pfizer or Janssen/Johnson & Johnson); date of vaccination (there should be two dates for Moderna and Pfizer); clinic name (must be an official clinic name; if the clinic was a chain pharmacy, please include the store number)
  • Your Wisconsin Immunization Registry vaccination record
  • state vaccination record from outside Wisconsin
  • For vaccination outside the U.S., the most complete record you have available. UHS will recognize vaccines maintained on the World Health Organization’s emergency use listing. 

You will also need to enter the date of your one-dose vaccine and the vaccine manufacturer, or the dates of your two-dose vaccine and vaccine manufacturer in the section labeled “Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine.”

Click or tap “Done” when you are finished.

Allow up to five business days for the record to be reflected in your MyUHS account. While the record is under review your Medical Clearance information will indicate “awaiting review.” Once it is approved, this field will say “satisfied.” Your Badger Badge will turn green once it has been two weeks since your final dose and your record has been approved.

Update on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

On Tuesday, based on guidance from the federal government and the state of Wisconsin, UHS paused administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Six people in the U.S. have reported adverse events following vaccination and federal agencies are examining whether these reactions are related to the vaccine. Almost 7 million people have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the U.S., so these events are rare, but the pause is being put into place out of an abundance of caution.

This pause has no impact on the safety and ongoing administration of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. We continue to encourage students and employees to seek vaccination – it remains the best way to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community from serious illness and death due to COVID-19.

Anyone who has received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the last three weeks and experiences the following symptoms should contact their health provider: severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath.

How to find a vaccination appointment

The amount of vaccine being provided to campus each week is still well below the demand. For that reason, we encourage you to seek vaccines anywhere they are offered, including from local pharmacies and your health care provider.

  • Sign up for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services registry. Once you are registered, DHS will email you with off-campus appointment options, including at the Alliant Energy Center. They will not email you about appointment options on campus.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a vaccine search tool.
  • UHS is also offering COVID-19 vaccine appointments, though we continue to receive a limited supply of vaccines from the state and cannot offer as many appointments as we would like. UHS will not email you when an appointment is available – you must visit the MyUHS portal to make an appointment. Whenever possible, you will be able to select which vaccine you would prefer (based on availability at the time you search).
  • If no UHS appointments are available the first time you check, please continue to check; appointments are added as vaccine becomes available. New appointments often become available mid-week. Sometimes the MyUHS portal will also have information on off-campus appointments.

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