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Photo gallery Camp Randall season: Plenty of singing, dancing, cheering — and wins

December 5, 2017

It was quite a year at Camp Randall Stadium, where the Badgers won every regular-season football game on their way to the Big Ten West Division title. And the home fans supported them loudly, vigorously and humorously — these are Badgers fans, after all. Every game was packed, with attendance ranging from 75,324 in the first game on a warm early September night against Utah State, to 81,216 on a cold mid-November afternoon against rival Michigan. Through all of them, the fans continued to do the wave, “Jump Around,” sing “Build me up, Buttercup” and “Varsity,” and polka in the Fifth Quarter. After a hard-fought loss in the Big Ten Championship, the Badgers are headed to the Orange Bowl to play Miami.

Badger fans’ joyful jumping literally shakes the stadium during the “Jump Around” dance after the third quarter. Even visiting players have been seen joining in the fun.

Badger fans singing “Build me up, Buttercup” make some sweet music, even as the game resumes after a break. “I need you, more than anyone, darlin’; You know that I have from the start…”

The traditional singing of Varsity — in which fans join together to salute the University of Wisconsin-Madison — provides a somber but beatiful moment at every game.

Videos by Nate Moll/ University Communications.

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