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“Calm After the Storm” event this Sunday

April 26, 2012

A temporary housing shelter will be on display from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 29, at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts as part of a special project by students from the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s School of Human Ecology.

The event, “Calm After the Storm,” showcases a structure made from cardboard that could be constructed within a large public Superdome-size disaster relief center.

The project, under the guidance of Lesley Sager, combines an instructor’s expertise and awareness of a community need with students’ skills and eagerness to do a project that responds to a community need.

It evolved out of a desire to introduce students to the process of design thinking, a human centered, collaborative and optimistic approach to design. The shelter and furniture will be the end result of a series of steps and discoveries the students partook in.

The class’ model of temporary housing will be built and exhibited in the lobby of MMOCA, 227 State St., Madison, as part of Design MMOCA 2012, a juried design showcase.

The exhibit is sponsored by the Outreach Planning Council and funded by the Meta Schroeder Beckner Homemaker Fund as an example of student outreach and engagement, as well as the Wisconsin Idea, and an idea that will strengthen families and households.

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