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Forward Motion Bucky’s Butchery

August 23, 2016

Bucky’s Butchery is operated by a team of UW–Madison undergraduate students. The retail shop and processing plant is located in the UW Meat Science and Muscle Biology Laboratory. The Meat Science program is within the Department of Animal Sciences.

All of the meat sold by Bucky’s Butchery is produced on campus. The majority of the meat comes from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences’ research farm in Arlington, Wisconsin and a local wholesaler in Middleton, Wisconsin, UW Provisions. One of the primary goals of the Meat Lab is to promote responsible and thoughtful eating habits. Bucky’s Butchery also finds it important that our customers know where their meat is coming from, how it was raised, and how it is produced.

Bucky’s Butchery is operated by a team of 10-15 undergraduate employees. Students working at the Meat Lab gain extensive experience in many facets of the meat industry including animal harvest, carcass fabrication, meat processing, product development, HACCP, and proper food safety and sanitation procedures. Working in a retail setting, undergraduates gain have experience with customer interaction, marketing, and product sales.