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Boundless Together, Part 3

October 22, 2015

The third of four new commercials about UW–Madison will soon premiere during a Badger football game. Learn more about the projects highlighted in the latest spot: 

Predicting — and preventing — the next pandemic

Infectious diseases are as unpredictable as they are terrifying. And in an increasingly interconnected world, the potential for a global outbreak is immense. Researchers at UW–Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine are seeking innovative ways to stay a step ahead of the next pandemic.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka is leading a group that has developed an Ebola whole virus vaccine, which primes the immune system with the full complement of Ebola viral proteins and genes. Whole virus vaccines have successfully been used to protect humans against diseases including polio, influenza, hepatitis and HPV-mediated cervical cancer. The inactivated Ebola vaccine may potentially confer greater protection against the disease.

Jorge Osorio has produced a vaccine that works against all four variations of dengue fever. His team is hoping to develop a jet injection version of the vaccine that will minimize the costs and dangers associated with sharp needle waste and make the vaccine more accessible in endemic countries.

As infectious diseases evolve, mutate, and continue to challenge researchers, scientists must develop innovative ways of staying several steps ahead — making research that will develop new drugs and treatments to protect people around the world more important than ever. Read more.

Happier cows, healthier people

A growing population is placing greater demands than ever on our food supply. Thanks to work being done by UW–Madison faculty, The Dairyland Initiative is working to help farmers raise healthier cows, making Wisconsin dairies more efficient and productive.

Nigel Cook of the School of Veterinary Medicine spearheaded the program based on years of field experience and research on dairy cattle production, behavior and biology. This web-based tool unites farmers, consultants, lenders, and builders, providing insights into animal behavior and output so that dairy owners can create the conditions that will optimize their herds’ comfort and well-being and sustainably improve milk production.

Major companies in the dairy industry have taken note of The Dairyland Initiative’s success in Wisconsin and have lent their support to expand access to its web-based resources. The initiative has expanded substantially, helping farmers nationally and internationally to plan new facilities and systems that help reduce injury and disease, improve animal welfare and lead to increased milk production and improved profitability. These innovations will play a vital role in how farmers continue to feed people at home and abroad. Read more.

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