Biosciences campus before and after BioStar

June 1, 2000

Current campus:
Map showing the biosciences campus before BioStar. Text caption follows.

Proposed campus under BioStar:
Map showing the biosciences campus after BioStar. Text caption follows.

These maps show the current biosciences campus and the proposed campus under BioStar. Over roughly 10 years, the building program would proceed as follows:

  • The Biotechnology Addition is constructed;
  • Old Genetics is vacated and used as swing space;
  • employees move from Fred Hall to Old Genetics;
  • Fred Hall is demolished and replaced with a new Microbial Sciences building;
  • Microbial Sciences is occupied, then Old Biochemistry employees move to Old Genetics;
  • the Biochemistry Addition is constructed and occupied;
  • Old Genetics is demolished.

Note: The fourth and final BioStar building — Interdisciplinary Sciences — is not shown. Location is still under consideration.

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