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Berquam: Keep safety in mind this weekend

April 29, 2011

Although the Mifflin Street Block Party is scheduled for this Saturday, April 30, remember that there are a variety of other events that will take place around campus, says Dean of Students Lori Berquam.

From athletics events to films at the new Union South, there are plenty of other alternatives to enjoy. Find a list of some of these events at

If you do plan to attend the Mifflin party, the Division of Student Life offers the following safety tips:

— Be safe. Go out with people that you know and trust. Have a buddy who will watch out for you. Check in with each other throughout the day. If you get separated, pick a meeting spot outside the busy areas to reconnect. It is always a good idea to only go into a house if you have your friends with you.

— If you accept a beverage from someone, make sure that you know the person, you’ve observed the drink’s preparation and that you never leave it unattended. Exercise caution in any public setting with any beverage.

— Be careful on balconies and porches. If you have a sense that a porch is overcrowded, move back into the house and urge other people to do so as well. Use extreme care near the ledges, as falls do happen, often resulting in serious injury.

— Honor everyone’s right to live and feel safe in the Madison community, including fellow students and campus neighbors. The Madison Police Department will forward any citation information back to Division of Student Life, and you could face sanctions that could impact your student status.

— Don’t hold an “open” party. If you plan to host a party, control who enters your residence. People who have access to your residence should be guests who are known to you, and not just anyone who walks in off the street.

— Police will be stationed throughout the Mifflin Street area. If you observe suspicious or criminal behavior or need immediate assistance, find an officer or call 911.

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