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Video Badger Talks: Overcoming our sense of loss

July 7, 2020 By Veronica Rueckert

When the global pandemic first struck the United States, there was so much to get a handle on: groceries, health supplies, the logistics of virtual meetings. With so many unknowns, it was a time ripe with anxieties. But now, as we settle into the long-haul of life with COVID-19, the fullness of our losses is beginning to catch up. As we practice social distancing, we’re missing out on events like in-person birthday parties, recitals, and long-planned vacations.

Richard Davidson is the founder and director of the Center for Healthy Minds at Madison-Wisconsin.  He’s best known for his groundbreaking work studying emotion and the brain. On this edition of Badger Talks, he discusses how to deal with the loss we feel at this point in the pandemic.

Davidson looks at how to constructively think about the losses we face, how children might experience things, and his own personal practice.