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Air Force ROTC program opens to MATC students

January 6, 2012 By Greg Bump

Students from Madison Area Technical College (MATC) can enroll in the UW-Madison Air Force ROTC program under an agreement signed Friday, Jan. 6.

Prior to the agreement, MATC students had to transfer to UW–Madison before they could enroll in the Air Force ROTC, making it difficult for them to complete officer training, which requires candidates to be in the program for a full three years.

“This is a wonderful partnership,” says Martin Rouse, assistant dean of Adult Career and Special Student Services in Continuing Studies. “We want to ensure that students who wish to pursue military interests are able to do so in a timely fashion.”

The pact allows MATC students to join the program and take ROTC classes while continuing their enrollment at the technical college. It also opens the door for MATC students to pursue officer status in the Air Force, and to compete for Air Force ROTC scholarships.

Capt. Jesse Somann, unit admissions officer for Air Force ROTC Detachment 925 at UW–Madison, says he’s had a number of calls from MATC students who are interested in joining the program. The UW–Madison Air Force ROTC has similar “cross-town” agreements with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Edgewood College and Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown.

Air Force Detachment 925 has been recognized as one of the top units nationally, receiving the National Right of Line Award as the best small detachment in the country. The award is based on training, education, recruiting and overall performance.

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