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Afternoon, evening classes cancelled

February 6, 2008

In light of deteriorating weather and road conditions, UW–Madison will cancel all afternoon and evening classes at 3:30 p.m., Provost Patrick Farrell has announced.

However, campus operations will continue to the degree possible. Individual services, such as Recreational Sports, Libraries and Unions may remain open. Anyone planning to attend evening events on campus is encouraged to call ahead to ensure programs are continuing.

Madison Metro buses, including those serving campus, will end today at 7 p.m. Final trips will leave the transfer points at this time. Passengers are encouraged to leave as early as possible to ensure they are able to make these final 7 p.m. trips.

Madison Metro delays should be expected throughout the rest of the day. Most buses are currently experiencing a 5-20 minute delay.

Officials announced this afternoon that Memorial Union and Union South
will close at 5 p.m. today; all events in those buildings tonight are
canceled.  This is due to deteriorating weather conditions that prompted class cancellations and the reduced bus schedule.

Employees who would like to leave early due to poor road conditions are advised to use their own discretion regarding their health and safety, but are required to use accrued holiday, vacation or compensation time to cover any absences. Please check with your supervisor.

Employees who are unable to reach campus for evening shifts are also urged to contact their supervisors. Employees in these situations are also required to use accrued holiday, vacation or compensation time to cover any absences.

Supervisors are advised to grant approval of all employee-requested leave in this inclement weather situation.

Visit Madison Metro’s Web site for more information on service and delays.

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