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Photo gallery A snowball’s chance

February 15, 2020

Hundreds of students engaged in “Battle for Bottom of Bascom,” an epic snowball fight held on the lower half of Bascom Hill on Feb. 15. This is the 11th anniversary of the spirited annual battle that pits members of the Lakeshore residence halls against those from the Southeast residence halls. The Lakeshore team once again claimed victory.

Several dozen people standing in the snow, seen from above

This telephoto-lens view is from the roof of the Mosse Humanities Building. Photo by: Jeff Miller

A person holding a W crest shield in front of Bascom Hall

This shield is not as official as it looks, but it worked. Photo by Brian Huynh

People throwing snow in front of Bascom Hall, some falling to the ground

The footing wasn't always the greatest. Photo by Brian Huynh

A person wearing ski goggles and a scarf, holding a snowball

Protective eyewear is an advantage. Photo by Brian Huynh

A person balanced on one leg after throwing a snowball

Extra points for form. Photo by Brian Huynh

2 people throwing snow at each other at close range

If the snow wouldn't pack, flinging was another option. Photo by Brian Huynh

People holding pieces of cardboard, barely visible behind barrage of snowballs

Visibility down to about zero. Photo by Brian Huynh

3 students in cow costumes running across the snow, with Capitol glowing in the distance

Dressed in cow costumes, members of the Southeast residence halls refused to concede. Photo by Brian Huynh

People raising their arms and cheering

Members of the Lakeshore residence halls claim victory. Photo by Brian Huynh

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