Tandem Press holds holiday open house

December 6, 2013

A holiday open house at Tandem Press will be held on Saturday, Dec. 14, featuring printmaking demonstrations throughout the day.

The event will be held from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at 1743 Commercial Ave. in Madison.

The demonstrations will take place throughout the day, featuring Tandem’s four master printers. At 11 a.m. there will be a lithography demonstration by Joe Freye; at 1p.m. a large-scale woodcut demonstration by Jason Ruhl; at 3 p.m. an etching demonstration by Bruce Crownover; and at 4 p.m. a relief demonstration by Ruhl.

Tandem Press will exhibit new prints by Robert Cottingham, Jim Dine, Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse, David Shapiro, Mickalene Thomas, and Judy Pfaff. For additional information, click here.

Tags: arts