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‘Magic’ plus UW science equal world-champ cheese

January 20, 2017

Wisconsin cheese is at least as old as the state. The University of Wisconsin–Madison has one of the world’s great institutions of dairy food science, …

Center helps make radiation treatment for cancer safer

January 19, 2017

Tracking down and eliminating errors is radiation therapy is the stock-in-trade of the Center for the Assessment of Radiological Sciences, an organization born at the UW–Madison in 2012.

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Thousands of people gather at UW-Madison's Library Mall and march up State Street to join a larger Women's March on Madison occurring outside the Wisconsin State Capitol during the first full day of the Trump presidency. The Madison march is one of many occurring nationally in support of women's rights and inclusive government policies Video by @jeffmiller_uwmad #uwmadison #wisconsin #womensmarchmadison