Wisconsin Idea Seminar 2017 Participants

May 24, 2017

Arts Institute

John Baldacchino
Director of Arts Institute and Professor of Arts Education


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Claudia Calderón
Faculty Associate, Horticulture

Philip Romero
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Neil Stenhouse
Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Communication

Ophelia Venturelli
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry


College of Engineering

Adrien Couet
Assistant Professor, Engineering Physics

Andrea Hicks
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Felix Lu
Faculty Associate & Grainger Assistant Director for Industry Outreach, ECE and Grainger Institute for Engineering

Sangkee Min
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Pavana Prabhakar
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


College of Letters & Science

Joseph Austerweil
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Lyn Macgregor
Associate Director, Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies

Brittney Markle
GIS Certificate Program Manager, Geography

Antje Petty
Associate Director, Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies

David Ronis
Karen K. Bishop Chair, Assistant Professor of Opera, School of Music

Mariya Soskova
Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Lucas Zoet
Assistant Professor, Geoscience


Division of Continuing Studies

Jessica Courtier
Program Director in Music and Performing Arts, Liberal Arts & Applied Studies


Division of Student Life

Katherine Charek Briggs
Associate Director, LGBT Campus Center


Enrollment Management

Derek Kindle
Director, Office of Student Financial Aid


General Services

Jennifer (Jenny) Faust
Internal Consultant, Office of Quality Improvement

Hyunsoo (Léo) Kim
Director of Multimedia, University Communications, University Relations

Leslie Orrantia
Director of Community Relations, University Relations, Office of the Chancellor


International Division

Steven Barcus
Director of Communications, Office of the Dean


School of Education

Lynn Armitage
Communications Specialist, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Erika Bullock
Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Lisa Chambers
Associate Director, Morgridge Center for Public Service


School of Human Ecology

Kendra Alexander
Assistant Professor, Civil Society and Community Studies


School of Medicine and Public Health

Brian Gittens
Associate Dean for Human Resources, Equity, and Inclusion

Lu Mao
Assistant Professor, Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

Darcie Moore
Assistant Professor, Neuroscience

Parvathy Pillai
Assistant Professor, Population Health Sciences

Regina Vidaver
WREN Program Manager II, Family Medicine & Community Health


School of Nursing

Jennifer (Jenny) Athanas
Clinical Instructor

Theresa Dachel
Clinical Instructor


School of Veterinary Medicine

Fernando Marques
Clinical Associate Professor

Amelia Munsterman
Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgical Sciences


Wisconsin School of Business

Peter Kerwin
Public Relations Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications


Wisconsin Idea Seminar Staff

Catherine Reiland
Wisconsin Idea Seminar Director, Office of the Provost

Laurie Leininger
Program Assistant, Office of the Provost