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UWPD warns of thefts

February 11, 2009 By John Lucas

The UWPD is again warning students, faculty and staff not to leave valuables unattended in the wake of a recent string of thefts of audio-visual equipment and laptops.

All are being encouraged to lock their office doors when they leave for any amount of time, and leave valuables at home or secured when not in use.

Faculty and staff working in university buildings are urged to keep an eye out for fellow community members and to challenge people who are acting suspiciously in campus buildings.

“You may not think a laptops or iPod is likely to be stolen, but thieves see them as cold, hard cash,” says Kristin Radtke of UWPD. “You would never leave $100, $250 or $500 cash lying on the table when you use the restroom, but that’s exactly what some people are doing.”

UWPD is investigating the situation and developing crime-prevention methods that will reduce or eliminate the problem. Building managers interested in participating in the project, or providing suggestions can contact Radtke at 265-6753 or

If you see someone acting suspiciously in a campus building, please call the UWPD at 262-2957 or call 911, in case of emergency.

For more safety information, visit this site.