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UWPD reports Lot 46 break-ins, protect your valuables

May 3, 2010

Several vehicle break-ins have occurred in Lot 46 in recent weeks and some have taken place during daylight hours. Locked vehicles were among those targeted.

Campus police are reminding members of the campus community that they should not leave valuable items of any sort in plain view in their vehicles, such as electronics, GPS units or iPods, nor should they leave spare change where it can be seen.

Always lock your vehicle and take the valuable items with you. Don’t leave windows or sun roofs open.

UWPD has increased patrols in these and other university parking lots in an attempt to apprehend the suspect or suspects.

If you observe suspicious activity, you are urged to call 264-COPS (264-2677), or if it is an emergency situation, dial 911.

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