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UW Space Scientist Wins NASA Achievement Medal

July 2, 1997

Lawrence A. Sromovsky, Space Science and Engineering Center planetary scientist, has been honored with the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for leading the team responsible for the Galileo Probe instrument, the Net Flux Radiometer.

The award was presented to all Galileo Probe principal investigators in an ceremony at NASA’s Ames Research Center near San Francisco, Calif., June 2.

The Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, according to Ames’ director, Henry McDonald, is “one of the most prestigious awards an individual can receive, and is presented to selected individuals who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the NASA mission.”

The Galileo Probe and its several varied scientific instruments descended into Jupiter’s atmosphere in December and successfully sent data back to Earth before burning up deep inside the atmosphere. The probe was designed to be destroyed and leave no trace of itself.