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UW-Madison Ukraine experts available

February 24, 2022

Experts from UW–Madison can discuss the latest situation in Ukraine with the news media. 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared a state of emergency after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered military operations, hitting cities and bases with airstrikes and shelling.


Yoshiko Herrera is a professor of political science. She is an expert on politics in Russia and other post-Soviet states, nationalism, identity and ethnic politics. Contact:


Jon Pevehouse, chair of the department of political science and a professor of political science and public affairs, is an expert on American foreign policy and international relations.

Pevehouse says, “”The situation in Ukraine is the most significant challenge to the post-Cold War world to date. Putin has gambled that the political cracks in NATO, a divided American public, and economic troubles in key Western states will limit strong responses from Ukraine’s political allies. The coming weeks will tell us both the strength of the international political resistance to the invasion as well as the strength of the military resistance within Ukraine itself.” Contact:


Ted Gerber, a professor of sociology, is an expert on Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries. He has studied Russian domestic policy and foreign policy, and completed three major research projects on Ukraine, including a study of people displaced by the 2014 conflict and a recent study that included four (virtual) focus groups with people living in the separatist-controlled territories. Contact:


Andrew Kydd is a professor of political science and an expert on international relations, especially international security topics such as war and peace, nuclear weapons, terrorism and conflict resolution. He recently wrote a piece, “The U.S. and Europe didn’t get what they wanted from Putin. But Putin didn’t get what he wanted from them,” for The Washington Post. Contact:


Mark Copelovitch, a professor of political science and public affairs, is an expert on international political economy and international relations. CONTACT:

More experts can be found on the UW–Madison Experts page.  

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