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UW–Madison suspends Sigma Chi fraternity

October 9, 2019 By Meredith McGlone

The University of Wisconsin–Madison’s chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity, 221 Langdon St., has been suspended from all university activities until January 21, 2020, or until the chapter elects a new executive board, whichever is later.

The student-led Committee on Student Organizations found the chapter violated the Student Organization Code of Conduct by holding an event at which alcohol was served while the chapter was on probation with alcohol restriction (meaning the organization is not allowed to host events where alcohol is served).

The suspension means that the chapter is barred from holding events and activities and from operating with the rights and privileges of a Registered Student Organization (RSO).

The purpose of suspension is to provide a focused opportunity for a student organization to address issues that led to violations while limiting its day-to-day organization activities.  Staff at the university’s Center for Leadership & Involvement act as a resource to students during this process.

“Sigma Chi Fraternity has concerns about the reports we have received about the behavior alleged to have occurred at our chapter at the University of Wisconsin–Madison,” said Sigma Chi International Fraternity President Steven Schuyler.  “We have temporarily suspended the chapter earlier this week while we investigate and we support the school administration’s decision to also issue a suspension.  We look forward to working with the school and our undergraduate brothers to ensure that our chapter and members represent the high values of Sigma Chi and of University of Wisconsin–Madison.”

The decision was delivered to the chapter today. The chapter has the right to appeal the decision.