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UW–Madison announces new campaign video in support of College of Engineering building

November 13, 2023 By Rodee Schneider

The University of Wisconsin–Madison today launched a new campaign video highlighting the demand for more engineers and the importance of a new College of Engineering building.

The video, titled “Wisconsin Needs More Engineers,” emphasizes the critical role that engineers play in the state’s economy and argues that a new building is essential to producing and retaining top engineering talent. The spot underscores the need for legislators to advance the project and calls on viewers to show support for the new building by contacting their elected officials.

The new video is part of a recently launched campaign that demonstrates why an engineering building is essential for Wisconsin’s economy and its businesses. Ads in support of the project are appearing in digital, print and social media platforms.

On November 5, full-page ads calling for urgent action on the building appeared in newspapers across the state. Featuring a letter signed by 42 executives from Wisconsin’s top companies and economic development groups, the signees emphasized the importance of growing engineering talent and the risks of inaction.

The proposed College of Engineering building would allow the university to educate hundreds of additional engineers annually, significantly boosting the state’s talent pool. Last year, more than 3,400 employers competed to hire approximately 940 engineering graduates. Of the 8,400 undergraduate applicants to the college, fewer than 1,200 students were able to enroll due to space constraints.

In addition to boosting enrollment, the modernized facility will also expand research opportunities, essential for supporting industry partnerships, innovation, and new job growth.

The $347 million engineering project was approved by Gov. Tony Evers in the state’s capital budget but removed by the Joint Finance Committee during final deliberations. Private donations would provide nearly $150 million of the project’s funding, but philanthropists could withdraw their financial support if the state does not advance the project soon.

Inflationary costs are expected to push the total cost of the project to nearly $400 million if the project must wait for approval until the 2025-27 state budget.

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A new 395,000-square-foot facility that would replace the 64,000-square-foot building at 1410 Engineering Drive would give the College of Engineering the modern space to educate many more engineering students and position the College to stay competitive with its peers nationwide. Artist's rendition


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