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Student to student: 7 UW-inspired costumes to wear this Halloween

October 24, 2018 By Kayla Huynh

Although Halloween is best-known as a time for kids to trick-or-treat, there’s definitely no age limit on dressing up for the holiday. And let’s be honest, ghouls, ghosts and goblins are all pretty frightening, but nothing is spookier than a college student without a Halloween costume.

If you have still yet to come up with a Halloween outfit and want to have the coolest costume on campus, grab your hot glue gun, sewing needle and tape and try out some of these costume ideas that are literally inspired by UW–Madison.

1. The “Nail’s Tales” sculpture

The “Nail’s Tales” sculpture can be found near Camp Randall by the Field House.

Tape or hot-glue dozens of footballs to an old t-shirt and a pair of pants to look like the “Nail’s Tales” sculpture outside of Camp Randall. Great for a last-minute costume, this do-it-yourself outfit will be sure to give your friends a good laugh and they’ll surely appreciate your creativity.

2. Mike Leckrone 

Band director Mike Leckrone, 80 and now in his 47th year at UW–Madison, directs the 43rd annual UW Varsity Band Spring Concert at the Kohl Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison on April 20, 2017. This year's concert, entitled "Nobody Does It Better: 20 Years at the Kohl," comes after Leckrone's return to campus following recovery from a medical procedure this past winter. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Band director Mike Leckrone, now in his 48th year at UW–Madison, leads the 43rd annual UW Varsity Band Spring Concert at the Kohl Center.

Because who doesn’t love UW–Madison’s marching band director? Walk around the entire night blowing a whistle and waving around a baton, pretending to direct an entire squad of band members. Throw on a red sparkly vest, white suit and glasses and you’ll be ready to take on Halloween as the legendary Mike Leckrone.

3. Rebecca Blank

Student Alyssa Birkeland wears her Rebecca Blank costume while posing with the real thing in 2017. Submitted photo

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank stands underneath one of the arched entrances of the Bascom Hall portico.

Slip on some round glasses, find a cardinal red blazer and fasten your UW pin onto your lapel. As an iconic figure of UW–Madison and the university’s chancellor, this costume will definitely be recognized by all fellow Badgers.

4. The “Graduation Bucky” statue

Photo of Bucky and Chancellor Blank posing with "Graduation Bucky," one of 85 life-sized statues across Dane County.

Bucky and Chancellor Blank pose with “Graduation Bucky,” one of 85 life-sized statues across Dane County. Photo: Bryce Richter

Still standing proudly on Bascom Hill, “Graduation Bucky” is a well-known staple for those who trek up the hill every day. Borrow a cap and gown from a former Badger, roll up a piece of paper and find a plush Bucky Badger mascot hat to complete this look.

5. The 80

Serving as students’ one-way ticket around campus, the 80 bus costume is sure to be a hit.

Although this Halloween costume is the most difficult to create on the list, your hard work will not go unnoticed. Find a large box, cut out holes for your legs and attach straps to each side. Paint and draw onto the box designs replicating the 80 logo. Finally, dress up as the bus driver or bring along a friend to play the role — people will be telling you ‘thank you’ all night long.

6. Terrace chair

Photo: Yellow chair on Terrace

With four different colors of sunburst chairs, this costume could look great for a group of people.

With four distinct colors to choose from, this costume works great solo or for a group of people. First, decide which color chair you want to be — then, draw the classic sunburst outline in black on a red, yellow, green or orange shirt. Pair it with matching pants and you’re set for Halloween!

7. Student section

Students dressed up as the student section, at Camp Randall Stadium.

It’s an ingeniously simple costume idea: Attach a large colored letter from K to P, and you’re one of the student sections in Camp Randall Stadium, as pictured on the animated student section race video.