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UW experts help media make sense of coronavirus

March 26, 2020

Systems engineering Professor Laura Albert comments in Scientific American on who does and does not receive intensive care. “You can’t always make these treatment decisions in isolation. And we really see this when there’s a big patient surge,” Albert says.

Journalism and mass communication Professor Dhavan Shah tells USA Today how untrue statements on social media about COVID-19 can do real damage. “This is a moment where misinformation can have life-and-death consequences,” Shah says.

Law Professor Miriam Seifter told Fox6 in Milwaukee that, yes, state government really does have the power to make people stay home.“One thing to keep in mind, particularly during a crisis like this, is that state actors and governors in particular can often just act more swiftly and more nimbly than the federal government can,” Seifter says.


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