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Update on Monday Library Mall protest

April 29, 2024

The message below was posted and shared at 7:15 p.m. Monday.

Dear Campus Community,

UW–Madison is committed to protecting the right to free expression, including protest, within the boundaries of state law and campus policies. Within the time, place and manner restrictions defined by law, students and other members of our community may assemble, carry signs, chant, march, and make speeches to give voice to issues they deem important. Peaceful protest is a hallmark of UW–Madison history.

Several tents were erected throughout the day in clear violation of Chapter 18 of the UW System Administrative Code. This provision of state law was enacted by the legislature and includes limits on the types of activities permitted on campus.

We recognize the deeply felt and passionate views held by those who are participating in today’s protest. Campus representatives have engaged with members of the groups involved in today’s protest and have also shared protest guidelines with demonstration organizers.

Campus representatives have emphasized, and will continue to emphasize, their and our support for protesters to exercise their First Amendment rights. We have encouraged organizers to continue to protest peacefully and to remove the tents to comply with state law.

Once compliance with campus policy and state law has been achieved and tents have been removed from campus property, we, as campus leaders, stand ready to meet with campus-based organizers to discuss their demands.

We continue to ask the protesters to voluntarily comply with state law against tents and encampments on university property.  We hope that protestors will elect to avail themselves of the many alternative ways to protest and to express their views without tents or encampments on our campus grounds.


Jennifer Mnookin, Chancellor

Charles Isbell, Provost

Lori Reesor, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

LaVar Charleston, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion

Robert Cramer, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration