Update on actions taken at UW-Madison to address incidents of hate and bias and to improve campus climate

April 14, 2016
  • Increasing support staff for emotional and mental well-being from one to two people in the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement (DDEEA).
  • Creating a support staff ombudsman position for faculty and staff of all sexual orientations.
  • The Office of the Chancellor created the University Hate and Bias Incident Team, chaired by Joshua Moon Johnson. The team is promoting a bystander intervention workshop on hate and bias, is encouraging students and members of the campus community to report incidents here and here and is directing students to counseling services at University Health Services, where the Multicultural Student Center also has drop-in hours. Contact Johnson for more information: joshua.johnson@wisc.edu.
  • The DDEEA is working on a statement of institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion and to create an advisory council.
  • The DDEEA is working with shared governance groups to enlist their support and receive input on policy recommendations.
  • The DDEEA is establishing an advisory council for students in partnership with the Equity and Inclusion Committee of the Associated Students of Madison.
  • The vice provost for faculty and staff in partnership with the DDEEA has created the faculty diversification initiative to retain faculty of color following the UW’s budget cuts and expand use of funds to retain instructional staff.
  • Strengthening ties with Native American nations.
  • Making diversity and inclusion more central to collective institutional activities, including philanthropic and leadership development.