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St. Jude CEO to deliver 2009 Rennebohm lecture

August 26, 2009

William E. Evans, chief executive officer of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and an expert on the treatment of pediatric cancer, and a research leader in the effect of genetics to the response to drugs, will deliver the 2009 Rennebohm Lecture on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Genetic change prevents cell death in mouse model of Parkinson’s disease

February 2, 2009

By shifting a normal protective mechanism into overdrive, a University of Wisconsin–Madison scientist has completely shielded mice from a toxic chemical that would otherwise cause Parkinson's disease.

Using evolution, UW team creates a template for many new therapeutic agents

September 10, 2007

By guiding an enzyme down a new evolutionary pathway, a team of University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers has created a new form of an enzyme capable of producing a range of potential new therapeutic agents with anticancer and antibiotic properties.

Fishing for new anti-inflammatory, cancer drugs

April 10, 2007

Though cell movement and migration in the body play a central role in mediating injury and disease, including inflammatory responses and cancer metastasis, drugs designed to stifle cells’ nomadic tendencies are scarce. A new interdisciplinary research project funded by the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery seed grant program seeks to develop a novel drug-discovery process that may start to fill this gap.

Nanoscale packaging could aid delivery of cancer-fighting drugs

February 15, 2007

A University of Wisconsin–Madison pharmacy professor aims to improve the delivery of cancer-fighting drugs by targeting them more selectively to tumors and boosting their solubility in water.