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COVID questions: Vaccines for toddlers; making sense of metrics

May 12, 2022

When will pediatric vaccines be approved? What information is the most important on Covid dashboards at this phase of the pandemic?

COVID questions: Are more severe colds and flu in our future?

March 24, 2022

Preventive medicine chief resident Devlin Cole from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health explains why discontinuing masking does not put us at risk of contracting infections that are more severe.

COVID questions: What’s the difference in the tests?

January 6, 2022

What is the difference between antibody, antigen, and PCR testing? Should my 12-year-old get a pediatric or adult dose?

COVID questions: Which booster?

December 9, 2021

I had my second COVID-19 shot in late January. Which booster should I get? If you had Covid a year ago, and had a Pfizer vaccine in April and May, is the booster necessary?

COVID questions: Thanksgiving; boosters

November 9, 2021

This ongoing series answers questions about COVID-19 and the pandemic. Today: Should we feel OK traveling for the holiday? Is it safe to mix the vaccines?

COVID questions: airborne particles; vaccines for children

October 7, 2021

How long does the COVID-19 virus linger in the air? How safe are COVID-19 vaccines for children and teenagers?

COVID questions: Masks at school; what makes delta different

August 4, 2021

"Let your child know that it takes cooperation and healthy decisions made by everyone in a community to keep COVID-19 under control and children safe," says Associate Professor Ajay Sethi.

COVID questions: Booster shots, mixing vaccines

July 20, 2021

Is OK for me to get a booster vaccine shot? Can I take two different types of COVID-19 vaccine shots?

Covid questions: Mask-wearing, birth rates

June 29, 2021

Readers ask: Should I still wear a mask? And, how will the pandemic impact birth rates, as well as marriage and divorce? UW–Madison experts respond.

COVID questions: Anxiety about the return to ‘normal’, other vaccines

June 9, 2021

In a pre-lockdown world, many people experienced a "fear of missing out" (FOMO) on social events, but now many people are experiencing a "fear of going out" (FOGO).

COVID questions: Keeping unvaccinated children safe; when quarantine is needed

May 20, 2021

My husband and I are vaccinated, but our young children are currently not eligible to receive the vaccine. Which activities are safe to resume? Which disease require quarantining?

COVID questions: Can I mix and match different vaccines? What if my partner refuses to be vaccinated?

April 26, 2021

Readers ask: I have been immunized with the Moderna vaccine. Can I now get vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine? And: What are some guidelines for how to live in a household where only one person is vaccinated?

COVID questions: Long-term protection; overcoming fear of needles

April 14, 2021

Will vaccinated people need a booster shot? And how can I overcome my fear of needles? UW–Madison experts respond.

COVID questions: Long haulers, travel guidance

March 15, 2021

Why do some people continue to experience symptoms after recovering from COVID-19? Can my family travel to Florida?

COVID Questions: Experts present facts about effectiveness of testing, content of vaccines

March 1, 2021

We will be publishing answers to questions about COVID-19 and the pandemic each week in this COVID Questions column.

COVID questions: Visiting considerations; allergy concerns

February 18, 2021

Before planning a visit it's important to have an honest conversation about it in advance to make sure everyone understands the risks.

COVID questions: Is vaccine approved? What to expect afterward?

February 11, 2021

With thousands of Wisconsinites vaccinated and many thousands to come in the latest group recently announced for vaccination, there are five things people should know once vaccinated.

COVID questions: Can I get two different types of vaccines?

February 4, 2021

Why aren't those who've recovered from COVID-19 last in line for the vaccine? If I get one type of vaccine can I get another type later? Where do we stand on vaccines?

COVID questions: vaccination distribution, development

January 21, 2021

COVID questions: Who should get the vaccine first? How was the vaccine developed?