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CALS hosts Wisconsin Agricultural Economic Outlook Forum on Jan. 16

December 30, 2008

Get a first look at the 2009 Status of Wisconsin Agriculture report and learn more about the emerging issues and opportunities of Wisconsin agriculture.

Q&A: Professor provides analysis of work on nanotechnology research

December 10, 2008

Life sciences communication professor Dietram Scheufele provides Wisconsin Week with a more in-depth look at his research on nanotechnology and religion.

Researchers examine role of soil patterns in dam restoration

December 3, 2008

Looking at the site today, it's easy to forget that a dam and pond stood for 43 years on the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Franbrook Farm Research Station in southwestern Wisconsin. All traces of the structure are gone, and acres of plants, both native and weedy, now carpet the floor of the former basin.

For food industry leaders, a meeting worth its salt

November 5, 2008

It's no secret that Americans eat too much salt, a habit linked to numerous health problems. At first glance, the solution seems simple: stop eating so much of the stuff. But, as it turns out, salt-a.k.a. sodium chloride-can't easily be cut from the American diet.