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UW biochemist Ci Ji Lim named Pew Scholar

June 18, 2024

Lim is the ninth UW–Madison researcher selected to be a Pew biomedical scholar and is one of 22 early-career scientists to receive the honor in 2024. His research focuses on telomeres, the protective at the ends of chromosomes

UW–Madison biochemist wins prestigious forestry prize for discoveries that support sustainable energy and product innovations

April 17, 2024

UW–Madison biochemistry professor John Ralph has been awarded the forestry industry's top prize, alongside collaborator Wout Boerjan, a professor at Ghent University in Belgium, for their groundbreaking research on the molecular structure of lignin, one of the main components of plant cell walls.

Researchers reveal evolutionary path of important proteins

March 29, 2024

New research from the University of Wisconsin–Madison decodes the evolutionary pathway of regulatory proteins, the molecules that help control gene expression.

New toolkit helps scientists study natural cell death

February 20, 2024

Taking advantage of the unique biochemical properties of protein fragments, their tool uses less expensive, more efficient, off-the-shelf chemical compounds to help identify sites where proteins were cut.

Programming cells to organize their molecules may open the door to new treatments

February 15, 2024

Biochemists at UW–Madison have developed a tool to control how certain proteins move in mammalian cells, a discovery that has multiple potential uses for treating or studying diseases by engineering specific cellular activities or studying cellular activity in a living organism.

Land and campus community connect through new art installation

January 8, 2024

A new art installation preserves some of the wood from an elm tree fondly known as Elmer, which stood in the Biochemical Sciences Complex Plaza until it succumbed to Dutch elm disease in 2018. The hanging piece was installed in the Biochemistry Sciences Building atrium in October 2023.

UW–Madison scientists reveal the inner workings of an essential protein trafficking complex

January 3, 2024

The discovery could eventually help researchers better understand and develop new treatments for diseases like cancer, diabetes and those that cause immune dysfunction.

Breaking through the noise of cellular signaling

October 3, 2023

Many cancers are the result of corrupted signaling pathways, and a more nuanced understanding of those pathway disruptions may be a key step in developing targeted treatments.

Folds in pUG molecules turn off genes and could provide clues about human disease

December 12, 2022

A curlicue RNA molecule dubbed a pUG can silence gene expression in roundworms, according to new findings. Researchers are using what they've learned to study human pUGs and their role in our own gene expression.

Enzyme, proteins work together to tidy up tail ends of DNA in dividing cells

August 1, 2022

The research provides insight into how a human cell preserves the integrity of its DNA through repeated cell division.