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No school, no problem: How Badgers are spending snow day

January 30, 2019 By Kayla Huynh

Though school is temporarily out due to extreme temperatures, that hasn’t stopped UW–Madison students from making the most of their day off.

For a group of roommates, a cold day called for getting as comfy as possible… with a huge fort of pillows to serve as a jumbo bed.

Photo by Kylie Steinke

A mini party was even held, where friends locked themselves indoors together to bond.

Photo by Darby Peter

Others braved the cold — just to say they did it.

Another tested the theory that boiling water automatically freezes when you throw it into the air — all in the name of science.

And this student indulged their sweet tooth with a tasty treat.

Photo by Margie Whiteside Kentz

While some held tight to their pets for warmth and unlimited cuddles…

Photo by Darby Peter

Many stayed inside with the company of a good book, homework and Netflix.