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SOHE dean search and screen committee at work

December 8, 2011 By Greg Bump

A search and screen committee has been appointed to assist the administration in the identification and selection of candidates for the next dean of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s School of Human Ecology.

David Riley, professor in the School of Human Ecology, is chairing the search and screen committee. Other appointees to the committee include:

  • Amy Bertrand, associate student services coordinator, School of Human Ecology;
  • Cynthia Burnson, graduate student
  • J. Michael Collins, assistant professor, School of Human Ecology;
  • Constance Flanagan, professor, School of Human Ecology;
  • Lynn Mecklenburg, member, School of Human Ecology Board of Visitors;
  • Margaret Nellis, senior student services coordinator, University Health Services;
  • Mark Nelson, associate professor, School of Human Ecology;
  • Aric Rindfleisch, professor, School of Business;
  • Stephanie Robert, professor, School of Social Work;
  • Jeffrey Russell, dean, Division of Continuing Studies;
  • Majid Sarmadi, professor, School of Human Ecology;
  • Jennifer Wenzlaff, undergraduate student
  • Nancy Wong, associate professor, School of Human Ecology.

Secretary of the Faculty David Musolf and search and screen coordinator Eileen Hanneman are serving as staff to the committee.

Robin A. Douthitt, dean of the school since 2001, will step down in the summer of 2012. Douthitt will continue to serve as dean until a successor is appointed.

The school is currently in the midst of a two-year, $52 million expansion and renovation to its building. The project, which began in 2010, will approximately double the school’s space for education, research, creative exhibitions and outreach.

Applications and nominations are welcome and the position description can be found here.