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School of Music to initiate process to offer digital recordings

March 15, 2011 By Aimee Katz

In an effort to provide high-quality professional recordings, the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Music will begin the process of offering digital delivery to their current compact disc recordings of faculty and eventually student work.

Sarah Schaffer, the School of Music’s coordinator for recordings projects, notes that these recordings will be beneficial when recruiting students to apply to the School of Music.

“The other cache of this project is making the school more visible,” she says.

The cost of digital delivery is significantly less than creating CDs. Additionally, because fewer people are now buying CDs, the School of Music must advance as technology changes, giving consumers what they want.

Schaffer explains that as the project progresses, the school hopes to be able to offer consumers the choice of an outlet from which they can download music, such as Amazon, iTunes and others.

Though this project is still in its beginning stages, Schaffer expresses optimism about the long-lasting effects of moving to digital recordings delivery.

“As technology changes, we have to change,” she says. “By offering this format, the school and its music will be much more transparent and available.”