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Sanction shortened after fraternity appeals CSO case

May 4, 2018 By Meredith McGlone

A sanction against the University of Wisconsin–Madison chapter of Theta Chi fraternity, 210 Langdon St., has been revised following the chapter’s appeal of a February decision by the Committee on Student Organizations.

The fraternity had been suspended from all university activities until Oct. 21. Instead, the suspension will end Oct. 1, according to a decision released May 4.

The sanction changed after the committee reheard a case stemming from an incident on Nov. 4 and found insufficient evidence to sustain the violation of Code #3 of the Student Organization Code of Conduct  – relating to violations of federal, state or local laws.

The committee upheld violations of Code #4, Code #5, and Code #10.

Theta Chi was involved in three incidents in November 2017:

  • On Nov. 4, three underage women consumed alcohol at a party at Theta Chi. One was a high school student who became incapacitated and was taken to the hospital for alcohol detoxification treatment.
  • On Nov. 18, Madison Police shut down a tailgate party at the chapter house after members disregarded warnings that the crowd had grown too large and no more guests should be admitted. An underage woman was found to be drinking alcohol and reported that hard liquor also was being served.
  • On Nov. 20, it was reported to a Fraternity and Sorority Life staff member that a Theta Chi member sent a text message to a woman asking her to write the Greek letters theta and chi and “rush” on her breasts and send him a photograph.

The other sanctions remained unchanged, with the exception of the removal of a mandated educational workshop for chapter members. After the suspension ends in October, the organization will be placed on probation with alcohol restriction (meaning no alcohol is allowed at any events) until Nov. 25, 2018. It will then be placed on general probation until Nov. 18, 2019. If an organization commits additional violations while on probation, sanctions may be more severe, up to and including termination.