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Safer Badgers app now available in Google Play Store

January 19, 2021

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This message covers how to download the Safer Badgers app from the Google Play Store and App Store (for iOS)

Android users can now download the Safer Badgers app from the Google Play Store.

All members of the campus community are encouraged to download the app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play as soon as possible. The app is the main tool students, faculty and staff will use for scheduling COVID-19 tests, receiving results, exposure notifications and symptom screening.  Loaner devices are available to those who need them – learn more.

If you have not yet downloaded Safer Badgers

Please visit to download it.

If you are currently using the Android APK/Box version of Safer Badgers

(This is the beta version that was downloadable from

FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS to save your QR code, uninstall the app, download from Google Play and restore your QR code.

Failure to save and restore your QR code will cause you to lose your health history within the app.  This means you will lose any negative test results obtained through the app and your badge will reset to “building access denied” until you record another negative test.

Need help? Contact the DoIT Help Desk