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Resources for responding to someone not wearing a face covering

August 27, 2020

With many students, faculty and staff back on campus for the fall semester, compliance with campus public health protocols and the chancellor’s executive order regarding face coverings will be especially important in ensuring our Badger community remains healthy and safe.

While we are each ultimately responsible for our own compliance, we also have a shared responsibility to do what we can to protect our community. If you are working on campus, you may encounter someone not wearing a face covering when they should be, based on public health guidelines. Although this can be an uncomfortable situation, new resources have been developed to provide guidance on how to address it.

The Employee Guidance for Responding to Non-Compliance with the Campus Face Covering Requirement offers a three-step approach that is designed to be non-confrontational and to prevent escalation that could create an unsafe situation for either of the parties involved. It also acknowledges that some members of our community are not able to wear a face covering due to occupational, religious, or medical reasons and provides appropriate strategies for responding in those situations.

In addition to the guidance document, a poster is also available. The poster highlights the same three steps using simple graphics and minimal text. Units can download and print the poster from the Smart Restart website, or they can order it through the DoIT Self-Service Sign Shop, along with other Smart Restart signage.

To complement these resources, training on this same topic will be available soon to all employees. Those interested will be able to register for a live, virtual session or to watch a recording at a time convenient for them. Watch for more information on the training and how to register.

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