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New Pesticide Use Policy Approved for Campus

April 9, 1997

The Chemical Safety Committee has approved a new policy that will help keep the university community better informed about scheduled pesticide use.

Peter Reinhardt, safety department director, says the need for the policy grew out of changing community standards and heightened sensitivity over exposure to chemicals. The policy also promotes better application practices that could reduce pollution in nearby lakes and streams.

The policy outlines a flexible framework for informing the public about scheduled applications; describes how to prevent spills and manage waste; and lists “best practices” for pesticide use.

The full policy can be found on the safety department’s Web site. The policy will be under the headline “campus pesticide information.” The site also includes general information about pesticides.

Reinhardt says the elm trees on Bascom Hill and other parts of campus are scheduled for a single pesticide treatment in the next few weeks to prevent Dutch elm disease. The spraying will be conducted as safely as possible, but the chemical odors have generated complaints in the past. Anyone seeking information about the spraying may contact Reinhardt at 262-9735.