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New faculty focus: Additions to Psychiatry Department

December 3, 2019

One is a Wisconsin native whose first visit to campus was in a stroller. Another started college as a fine arts major. And a third picked her career as part of a 6th grade social studies project. Now, they’re all in the UW–Madison Department of Psychiatry. Meet Jason Horowitz, Melissa Rosenkranz and Stephanie Steinman.

Photo: Portrait of Jason Horowitz

Jason Horowitz

“I am hoping to apply what we have learned about clinical psychology in the service of our patients and to train the next generation of psychologists in evidence-based practices.”
—Jason Horowitz

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Photo: Portrait of Melissa Rosenkranz

Melissa Rosenkranz

“Being sick, or having low levels of chronic inflammation in your body can also cause you to feel down or depressed because of the effect that immune activation has on your brain.”
—Melissa Rosenkranz

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Photo: Portrait of Stephanie Steinman

Stephanie Steinman

“I chose my career in 6th grade as part of a social studies project. I had family members and friends who worked in psychology and realized this was what I wanted to do with my life.”
—Stephanie Steinman

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