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New commercial highlights Badger values, from studious to well-deserved fun

September 26, 2022 By Käri Knutson

“Welcome to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, purveyor of Midwestern values.”

So starts a new 30-second commercial that puts a playful spin on these values, whether in the classroom or at the Terrace.

A hard day’s work, lending a helping hand and living with integrity are just a few examples of “what makes a Badger unstoppable.”

The promo made its broadcast debut during Saturday’s Badger football game against the Ohio State Buckeyes and will air during future games as well.

Beginning with black-and-white pictures from the past, then segueing to a current colorful campus, the commercial makes it clear — no matter how much has changed, our values haven’t.

In 2020, a commercial aired during a Badger game as well – but even though it was a mere two years ago, it was a much different time. The Badgers defeated the Illinois Fighting Illini 24-0 in front of empty stands at Camp Randall. Existing photo and video assets were used to avoid in-person filming and to save on resources in a tight fiscal environment. The creative idea generation, script, and production was done entirely remotely by staff working from home.

“You can’t stop a Badger” was a fitting theme with the commercial highlighting UW–Madison health care workers, researchers and others on campus who’ve all pitched in during the battle against COVID-19.

Tricia Nolan, UW–Madison’s assistant vice chancellor of marketing and brand strategy, says this year’s commercial marks a return to form – and a return to campus.