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Nails’ Tales to be moved as part of plaza redesign

June 25, 2019 By John Lucas

As part of the redesign of the UW Field House South Plaza, the Nails’ Tales sculpture will be removed and placed in storage this summer prior to the beginning of football season on Sept. 7.

The redesign includes a new major campus gateway at the corner of Regent Street and Breese Terrace, with construction beginning in February 2020 and to be completed ahead of the 2020 football season.

The project design includes an entry sign and landscape improvements, features that would be blocked by the 50-foot obelisk, which has stood at the site since 2005.

UW–Madison is committed to working with the artist, Donald Lipski, and campus stakeholders to find a new site for the artwork in the next year.

A date for removal has not yet been set. The sculpture will be stored in a secure location until a new setting is found.

The UW–Madison Campus Art Advisory Committee and the Wisconsin Arts Board have been informed and involved in the removal, storage and relocation discussion. Both groups are in general agreement that the artwork could be relocated with the involvement of Lipski.

Photo: Statue as seen from below

Nails’ Tales, as seen in front of the Field House on March 4, 2009. Photo: Jeff Miller