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Motorists are asked to watch for turtles on University Bay Drive

June 20, 2016
Photo: Turtle next to road

A snapping turtle gets ready to cross the Temin Lakeshore Path in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. Photo courtesy of Lakeshore Nature Preserve

In Wisconsin from late May to early July, female turtles disperse from wetlands to lay eggs in upland nesting areas. The hatchlings will emerge in August and September and seek out water and cover.

In many instances, turtles must cross roads to and from nesting sites and are often hit by vehicles. This is considered one of the leading causes of turtle population declines in the state.

The stretch of University Bay Drive between the Class of 1918 Marsh and University Bay Marsh near the entrance to Picnic Point is a popular crossing spot for turtles. A few fatalities have already been reported this spring.

With your help, we can make our campus a safe place for turtles. Be prepared to slow down for turtles in the road — especially when you see turtle road crossing signs. Turtle crossing signs are in place along University Bay Drive and the Lakeshore Path.

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