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Media Advisory: Climate and weather-related research and experts from UW–Madison

May 11, 2023

MADISON – New weather trends, from a predicted El Niño to an early fire season in Western Canada signal the beginning of what may be a turbulent weather pattern. Experts from UW–Madison are available for insight and analysis.

More experts can be found on the Experts page.


Atmospheric rivers linked to melting Greenland ice sheet

New research finds that atmospheric rivers – long, concentrated flows of moisture in the sky – are a key factor in the complex conditions accelerating glacial melting over Northern Greenland.

Kyle Mattingly, a researcher at UW–Madison’s Space Science and Engineering Center, led the study that was published in Nature Communications. Read our in-house story on the research here.

Kyle Mattingly:


El Niño and climate change

Daniel Vimont is a professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and director at the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research. Vimont is available to discuss the predicted El Niño through the lens of climate change. He studies climate variation as well as climate change impact.

Vimont can be reached at

Steve Vavrus is a senior scientist at the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research and an expert on weather and climate change. He is available for interviews about El Niño, Arctic climate change and the climate of Wisconsin.

Vavrus can be reached at

Jonathan Martin is an expert on climate change and extreme weather. Martin is professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences.

Martin can be reached at:

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